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THE ARTIST- Martine Colette, the artist and creator behind House of Honey (Maison du Miel), is an emerging artist from the Fort Lauderdale area. Born and raised in South Florida, Martine has had a lifelong passion for art, animals, and the environment and currently finds her inspiration in nature, human emotion and experience, pop culture, history, literature and adages. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Florida State University and has spent time studying art history abroad in Paris, France, as well as taking painting classes at Parsons in New York City. While oil painting is Martine’s preferred medium, she does not like to confine herself to a single art form and enjoys creating in a variety of different mediums including water color, sculpture, mixed media, and graphic/digital design. Most of Martine’s artwork can be described as colorful, playful, and raw, focusing on both human and animal figures and forms that are simultaneously realistic and painterly in style, with the intention to evoke a sense of intrigue and relatable-ness to the viewer.

THE BRAND- While still in it’s very beginning stages- House of Honey by Martine Colette aims to showcase and provide our viewers and consumers with the sweeter things in life… such as delicious and irresistible art, interactive experiences, apparel, and other goods that elicit happiness, awareness, or reflection

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